Orbeesplat offers splatrballs with a 30-day warranty on manufacturing through their portal. Look at the Orbeesplat.com Reviews.

Are you familiar with Splatrball? Would you like to buy a gel ball blaster kit that is unique? Mostly what kind of products is this website selling? Ever heard of this gel ball blaster kit? You should read the article if you are interested in trying this product.

Gel ball blaster kits are extremely popular in the United States among older age groups who can use and play them. Due to its battery-powered nature and ability to shoot up to 200 frames per second, it is becoming increasingly popular. Also, you can read this article to learn more about Orbeesplat.com Reviews.

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Splatrballs are sold by Orbeesplat. The product is recommended for children aged 14 and older, with a 30-day warranty in case of manufacturing defects, such as spray paint, disassembling, or messing with an internal gear.

A brand of theirs sells battery-powered gel ball blaster kits, gel ball splatters, and crystal balls for gel amino with gel ball splatters. It has a velocity of up to 200 frames per second and a size of 7.3-7.8 frames per second. Furthermore, read this article to learn if Orbeesplat.com is a legit website.   


  • Site type: A site that sells splatrballs online.
  • Absent on email.
  • The address for DomainsByProxy.com is 2155 E Warner Rd
  • Call +1.4806242598 for more information.
  • Gel ball blaster kits with battery power beads, balls with electric splatter, and beads with ammo are available.
  • We do not have social media links.
  • There is no shipping policy.
  • Absent from return policy.
  • There is no refund policy.
  • Several payment options are available, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, etc.

Orbeesplat’s pros

  • Having researched Orbeesplat.com Reviews, we discovered some items with a 100% off discount until April 17th.
  • Customers can choose between multiple payment options.
  • A reasonable price is set based on the product.
  • Customer reviews have been provided on the site.
  • For a limited time, they are giving away some codes for a 100% discount.

Orbeesplat’s cons

  • It does not provide information such as terms and policies.
  • An entire website sells three products that aren’t suitable for every age group.
  • Alexa gives them a very low ranking.
  • In the market, they have the lowest trust score at 2%.
  • There aren’t many products they sell. 

Do you want to know if Orbeesplat.com is Legit?

  • Domain Registration Date: The domain was registered on the 4th of April 2022, which is less than six months old, making it doubtful.
  • The contact details provided are incorrect.
  • Payment Options: Discover, Visa, JCB, American Express, American Express, PayPal, and more are all accepted.
  • Spotify will be the only social platform to offer it starting in 2022.
  • A proper description of the policy has not been provided. Consequently, the brand is viewed in a suspicious manner.
  • Billing information: No billing information has been provided.
  • Review of the products provided by customers.
  • Review site Orbeesplat.com gives it a trust score of 2%, which points out its shortcomings as a non-trusted brand.
  • Ranking on Alexa: It ranked 8719222.
  • There is no ranking for this country, indicating the brand’s unpopularity there as well.
  • Information security: It is not available on their portal, causing customers to be less secure when they purchase the product.
  • No mention of the terms of service, so the customer is uncertain whether to invest there or not.
  • The only warranty they provide is for manufacturing defects, which is just 30 days.

Reviews of Orbeesplat.com?

Based on our research of this brand’s reviews, we can conclude that 21 customers have both positive and negative comments. Customers are generally satisfied with the product. In some cases, customers complain about not receiving products, that they were injured, etc.

As a result, half are saying it is a good brand, while the other half are saying it is a bad brand, so make sure you do a proper verification before you invest.             

Final Words

Despite mixed reviews from customers, this portal does not have any of the worst trust scores in the market related to policy-related information. As a result, we recommend that you do not disregard the negative reviews for not receiving the orders.

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