How Does It Work?

You get the same information from the original source and at a lower cost than carfax.

Finding your car is the first step

You can find the car you want to research by looking up its identifying number (VIN) or US license plate.

Choosing a plan is the second step

If you are still shopping for your dream car and are contemplating many vehicles, we suggest multiple reports. A single report might be sufficient for you if you have found it and have made up your mind to buy.

Check the vehicle’s history in Step 3

The software is available from your desktop. It costs one time and is not recurring.

Solutions that are ideal for you – UsaVehicleFax is the preferred source for used car shoppers

Detailed Vehicle History Reports

Every Rreport provides a full overview of the current condition and history of the vehicle.

Informative and comprehensive

If you know the following information, you can confidently explain to a prospective buyer why the vehicle is worth its price!

Transacting securely

You can trust PayPal to help you keep your online transactions secure when you send money or make purchases with debit or credit cards.

Providing 100 percent customer satisfaction is their main priority

Founder CD Baby (Derek Sivers) believes making people happy is what matters most. If you are making people happy, then as a side effect, their wallets will be open and they will pay you.

  • Status of the title prior to/currently.
  • Dates of Title Registration.
  • Brand History of Titles.
  • Information about other topics.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Which source of information does usavehiclefax HISTORY provide?

Various national agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Ministry of Transportation, Auction, Police Records, State Records, Federal Records, Insurance Companies, Dealerships, and more, are sourced to provide up-to-date VIN Checks each second. Over 60 critical verifications are conducted on each VIN number under examination during a VIN check.

What are the benefits of a Vehicles Report?

We conducted a survey with our customers in 2019 and found that 35% of the time, providing a VIN check to buyers helped them get their asking price.

In addition to revealing a vehicle’s service records, mileage, recall history, plus 60 other items, the VIN report will help you make an educated decision when buying a pre-owned vehicle.

For how long does a Vehicle Report remain valid?

You can keep your usavehiclefax HISTORY forever. It does not block your access to the report like CarFax. The vehicle report is yours to print and share after purchase.

What are the risks of sharing a vehicle history report?

Personal information is not contained in a vehicle history report.

A vehicle report is highly recommended for those selling a vehicle. Most vehicle sellers have included the digital link to the vehicle report in their Facebook Ads or eBay listings.

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