Vtsips Com

Some Reasons To Proof Its Untrusted Nature

How far do you want to see people faking e-commerce?

In this modern and online connection era, such scams are very common.

There are some of the high-quality factors that masked its scam.

One of them is the Vtsips Com Scam.

What is it about, and how does the website make people lose money?

Here are some reasons to see.

Some Poor Proof Of The Site’s Reputation  

1. Poor Review By Customers 

Despite its one-year-old domain age, the site has a horrible score and rank.

It does not only make the site less known but also less believable.

To make it even worst, the site is currently flooded with poor reviews.

Many buyers of the sites display unsatisfying services, including complaints on product and delivery.

2. The Unrealistic Returns And Exchange 

Another worth noting is the unrealistic return and exchange item rules.

Generally, the common policy given on the sites is pretty clear and works.

But the returns policy is not at a good rate.

The site explains that buyer is almost impossible to get full payment back from the websites.

It also has confusing provisions that make buyers lose money.  

3. Impossible Discount And Sales 

The biggest giveaway of a scam is the unrealistic cheap rates.

Some of the products are offered at the lowest possible rate and prices.

Some sales, discounts, and offers also indicate a scam practice.

Compared to the legit stores and knowledgeable businesses, the rate is impossible even during the special day such as black Friday.  

4. Copied Content 

To make it worst, the site shows a high plagiarism activity.

Despite its beautiful, clean, and professional-looking site design, it matches many multiple scam site themes.

The product is also looking the same as other similar shops.

And the big contribution to the facts is the different website names and domain names. 

5. Lack Of Credible Contact

Contact should be one of the ways to determine whether the site is trusted or not.

In this case, the contact information is only to shopserviceonline478@gmail.com.

While it is a real destination, it is a free email address with no specific domain.

It also does not link to social media sites or other contact addresses, which lowers its trust rank. 

Is it a scam or not?

Considering how bad the Vtsips is, it is in yellow light (dangerous).

Some poor review highlights its lack of credible or quality project.

The questionable details, including discount, sales, and return or exchange make it worrying.

The worst is its plagiarized content, including the product details and offer.

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