Splat Blastz Com

E-Commerce Scam, You Need To Be Aware Of

What do you need to confirm store legitimacy?

The answer is a lot from the name, brand, to the store ages or credibility.

You also need to do the same for online e-commerce, which likely turn into a scam.

Among many other possible scams, you can pin the name Splat Blastz.com.

It is a store that sells automatic softgun water bead blasters online. 

What Is It About?

The online community is currently under a huge wave of online toy guns games.

Bead blaster guns are in the rage, and people are on top of their feet to get those items.

Unfortunately, Splat Blastz Com is probably one of those sites that try the opportunity to scam people.

It is a site that specializes in selling water bead blasters online. 

Many considerable aspects help make the store believable.

Varying products of auto water bead blaster guns are good.

There are also many other options such as custom color choices for the gun and soft gel splats.

It also has a 30-day return policy, which masks the possibility of scams.

But, isn’t that enough to show its legibility?

No, it is not. You got to check further. 

The Cons or the red flag of the site 

While some positive factors make the site sound legit, it also lacking in many ways.

The biggest red flag is the lack of information, contact, and store details.

There is no phone number, address, or owner data.

Limited product options, no social media, a rather sloppy and young website status also make it harder to trust. 

Is It A Scam Or Not? 

Judging from the lack of crucial information, the website has a big red flag as a scam or phishing site.

It can be dangerous for buyers since it is possible to lose money for not getting the item.

The site is very young and is only established on March 16th, 2022.

Trust ranking is low.

The details of the company and stores are not there, especially crucial details such as logo, owner, and more contact. 

If you are trying to buy something online, please be sure to check and be careful with the store’s legitimacy.

In this case, the bead blasters gun store is one of the many possible scams sites.

It has a lack of information about the company and the product.

Meanwhile, the price is au suspiciously cheaper.

The site is also a very new one, which hard to see how well and trusted it is.   

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