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Rataalada website gives clues to the next Batman movie?

Rataalada’s website has been the talk since the release of The Batman in cinemas worldwide. 

It’s mentioned on the movie credit scene and the fans who were curious about the website can now view what’s in it. 

Previously, Rataalada.com only showed a countdown to its launch and nothing else. 

However, if you visit the link today, you can now get excited (and more curious) about what’s next for Batman and Ridler. 

About Rataalada.com

Rataalada might not ring a bell but it is a real website that went live after Batman was released. 

There are a few pages in Rataalada that contains images featured in the movie, but like a scrapbook that was used by The Riddler to tease Batman.

Rataalada was made for the fans so they can solve the riddling puzzles of Gotham. 

At the end of the scene, The Riddler was finally captured but looking at Rataalada makes you think twice about whether or not he is going to escape. 


Because this mysterious villain has an intriguing story of his past and the puzzle might have something to do with his future.

Riddler’s big plan

Riddler’s scrapbook in Rataalada shows us his big plan. 

Titling his note with Rotting for Gotham, there are lots of rat pictures and also his plan to trap the police with the rat trap.

There’s also a labyrinth and of course, symbols that need to be decoded.

The second picture was entitled The Chemistry. 

It is unclear what Riddler meant by it but some chemicals were believed to be sold by Gotham’s mafia. 

Linking this riddle with the movie – it is probably has something to do with the death of Gil Coulson.

Another surprising picture is a woman believed to be Bruce Wayne’s mother, Martha, being caught by two guards at Arkham Asylum. 

Perhaps Riddler is going to publish the image and reveal the past of one of Gotham’s elites.

The next picture is Riddler Sanctuary where he made all his plans. 

The walls are filled with newspaper clippings and pictures. 

When you visit the website, there’s also a tagline that says. “It’s not over yet.” – which highly likely linked to the codes Riddler wrote. 

Even when there are so many clues in Rataalada, viewers might not be able to solve them directly. 

Will it be just a deleted scene that Matt Reeves hinted before or will it be featured on the next Batman movie?

Keep an eye out for more information.

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