Giftzone Rewards Scam

Scams in the form of gift cards and other free products are something very common on the internet.

A sudden offer of $1000 to free iPhone and giveaways came out as a site.

Some of them include surprisingly believable portals such as RewardZone or Giftzone.

So, is it real?

There are reasons why they are called Giftzone Rewards Scam, here are the details. 

Is It Scam Or Not? 

Despite there being many positive comments, it has a huge chance of scam.

The idea of giving a gift card with a huge payment is impossible at first glance.

There are also many possible scam indications from the lack of response from CS, automatic answers, and many unsatisfied reviews stated in varying sites.

There are also confusing and winding processes.

How Does It Work? 

Asking the users to do a range of challenges and actions, including subscribing to the unknown channel.

There are also some other cases where the users need to complete some deals, which later increased at the end of the deal.

It means that the users need to do more than the initial promise and agreement. 

The misleading information and actions throughout the process also make the reward impossible.

Some users and people who fell into the scam experience the same problems, regarding the cancelation and confusing terms or tier.

At the worst point, users need to upload and send personal information such as passports, photos, and ID.   

What You Need To Know About The Scam 

Scams in the form of free products, gift cards, rewardzone, or Giftzone are very common nowadays.

The idea of free items or cheaper products can lead to a bigger loss, especially with possible identity and personal information theft.

Please be aware of such possibilities, especially when the site demands you to send some personal information. 

At some point, there are also issues on the tier and deals.

Users that follow the challenge can lead to the potentially harmful site or effects.

Such, possibilities include reaching the unknown site, downloading viruses, and aggreging for email spam.

Some of the details given by users also indicate possible online harassment, including unknown calls and emails. 

Generally, an obnoxious and weird offer on the internet should be exercised with warning and caution.

In many cases, some similar scams happen again and again with the pretty weird offer and rewards.

The promised price can range from $1000 gift cards, items, to anything.

But, users need to complete a range of actions that can lead to website phishing and information theft.

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